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The Birds

I love this “Birds” inspired fascinator from the Etsy shop Topsy Turvy.

It is the photograph that makes it, with its Cindy Sherman-esque style. I love it! It would be the icing on the Halloween cake to wear this, if you went as a the stunning Tippi Hedren, to your Halloween party.

Blackbird LetterPress

I adore Blackbird Letterpress.  This is a company that I have been paying attention to for a little while now. Their cards are simply beautiful. Maybe, I am so in love with it all, because I did printmaking in College?

I have an appreciation for running things through a press, for pressing patterns into paper and the feel of it in your hands as it comes out the other side. The sensation in your fingertips as they gingerly touch the depressions in the paper. Or, what it feels like to peel back the layers of padding, to see how your print has turned out, after inking it for the first time.

I love paper, I love pressed paper, it gives your chosen item a vintage air and these cards certainly have that.

The yellow grizzly bear looks as if he has crawled out of the pages of your Grandmother’s photo album as a memento she stuck in from their family Summer trip to Yellowstone. There is just such a simplistic beauty to these cards. I don’t know if I would be able to give them away to someone; they would have to be another lover of paper items, like me.

I plan on getting a few of these and framing them to hang around my house, because one’s house should never be without a fox and a grizzly bear adorning the walls!

(All images copyright: Blackbird Letterpress)

Ice-Cream Treats

I love these waxed paper cups from Paper Treat’s Etsy Store. Although, no longer available they look too cute not to share!

What is it about ice-cream in a waxed paper cup that screams: Summertime, happiness and childhood? It makes me dream for a waxed paper Dennis the Menace cup from Diary Queen, a dipped one of course!

I adore their cones, but if you get your frosty treat in a cup, there is always more of your dipped flavour of choice pooled around and frozen in the bottom of the cup, little mountains of chocolate chunks, waiting for you!

I loved going there when we were little. On hot Summer nights, my parents would load us up in the car and we would head out for an evening ride, usually ending up at Dairy Queen for a dip cone. It was such a hard choice to decide between the chocolate dip or the cherry one.

Did you dip vanilla ice-cream or chocolate? Oh, the tough choices you had to make when you were little! The choice of dessert was usually the most important decision you possibly made all day, except of course a peanut butter & jelly or a ham & cheese sandwich for lunch!

But, Dairy Queen does not exist in England, so in this hot day today, it will have to exist simply in my dreams….

**UPDATE: Thanks to SuzieButton for letting me know, these are back in-stock in Paper Treat’s Etsy store!

Thank You Mr. Postman

My Jolly Postman rapped at my door a few mornings ago now with his cherry red bike in one hand and this in the other:

And what was inside this adorably wrapped tube? It was this:

My sweetie surprised me and had ordered this print I had been pining away for on Etsy.  It is by the very sweetly named Katie Daisy.

I believe very much in this quote, I am wandering, I think I might have found a new path (more to come on that), but I never felt lost.

Go look at her gorgeous page and her other wonderful designs. I love this one:

And this one:

And so many more…

Click on the image below to be taken her to Etsy page:

(images of mailing tube and business cards by J. Michie, all other images copyright Katie Daisy)

The Hungry Caterpillar

I loved this story when I was little. I continue to give it to friends for their children. I am the book gift giver. I think books are very important, especially instilling the love of reading in a child at an early age. My parents always read to us.

We loved being read this story when we were little, sticking our fingers through the little fruit holes and wiggling them around like we were the tiny caterpillar munching away.

I especially loved the picture where has was fat. He looked adorable.

While looking on Etsy (I need to really work on setting up my shop soon!) I came across Sara Carr, who is a beautiful knitter.

And, as I was scrolling I saw “Kevin the Caterpillar” and I could only think of being little. He is adorable! This alone would make you want children to be able to dress them in little caterpillar scarves! I am crazy, I know. He is just too cute!! Check out her Etsy page, she has a lot of other amazing little animals she has created as well!

There is even a plush Kevin with little knitted caterpillar legs!

You Spook Me!

sarah jane halloween

I love pouring over Sarah Jane’s Blog. If you haven’t heard of her, she makes the sweetest illustrations. She has created some very cute cards for Halloween, the “You Spook Me” series are in her Etsy shop.

Her work is just whimsical, adorable, bright and happy! She is someone who inspires me and gives me hope in that she has worked hard on her own, starting small and through Etsy and her Blog she is now recognized worldwide. I am not looking to get recognized worldwide, I am just aiming to pay the bills by doing something that makes me happy.

My next goal is to start selling on Etsy, I think it would be a real opener to more opportunities for me. I read an article recently in Country Living and the woman who wrote the article, Katy McColl, has also written a book entitled: “Should I do what I love? (or do what I do, so I can do what I love on the side)”.

The title alone made me smile, I have stopped being in the rat race and although I have been looking devoutly for a job in the Art world, I am continuing on this path that feels right as things continue to fall into place on my road to happiness. I am doing the best that I can do with what I have and that is all you can really ask of yourself.

Click here to visit her Blog.