This was my breakfast this morning! I can think of nothing better. Well… maybe if I had some chocolate cake to go with it! I have finished all the little tooth bears and Christmas bears (I know they are happy some have been very patiently waiting to be stitched together), gingerbread wreaths and ribbon garlands. I am now working on a blanket and I plan to make some bags this afternoon.

I am definitely on countdown! The fair is just 2 days away and there still seems like there is┬áso much more to do! But, Shhh! don’t tell anyone, I am ahead of┬áschedule, so everything I am doing now are bonus items. I need to begin labeling things and start gathering together my tablecloths and display pieces I plan to use. This is really the exciting part!

Well, I’m off to stitch a little sleigh riding snow bunny onto a heart and maybe make another cup of hot chocolate. What could be better than hot chocolate, Christmas music and sewing cozy things on a sunny but frosty November morning? Right now I can’t think of anything else.