Brrrr! Today the weather has changed. It is blustery, cloudy and very cold. We were out running errands and upon coming back in the cottage, we knew it was chilly, because the radiators had come on by themselves and were humming away making the house toasty!

Today it feels like we might be skipping Autumn and going right into Winter! It is definitely pumpkin weather now. The perfect weather to get a hot chocolate on-the-go and take a nice crispy walk through the woods. I will have to get out my wellies soon. I will finally have a chance to use my gorgeous Cath Kidston polka dot green wellies I got for my Birthday. I can’t wait for my first puddle of the season to go stomping through!

This is lit candles, wrapping up in cozy quilts and drinking hot chocolate weather.

(Image from Good Housekeeping, Jessie Wilcox Smith)