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A Chilly Morning

It was cold this morning. The wind whipped my hair around my face as I walked to the train station in the dark. This is the first morning that it has remained dark for the majority of my journey into work. Now and then I would see glimpses of a lit window or the light from another train passing us, illuminating the arch of the trees and highlighting the tracks beside us, before the world returned to obscurity. It felt almost like a Dickensian winter morning outside. I could appreciate the feeling that the glow of a candlelit window promised after traveling for so long in the blackness of shadows.

The air was fresh and clean coming off of the river this morning and as chilly as it was I decided to take a longer walk to work. It made my cheeks turn pink and my nose run, but I was so happy. My detour route takes me by some hidden gems. The air smelled of pine needles as I passed by a row of houses. There were piles of branches on the curb that were the shaved off remnants of Christmas trees. Shorn around the base to fit inside their tree stand. There were still plenty of leaves underfoot that crackled and crunched as I walked over them. Unusually, I passed no one for ages, it was bliss, the world was simply mine.

6 More Weeks of Winter

Groundhog Day 1961

Well, today in the second day of the second month of the year, Phil saw his shadow this morning. Which means that 6 more weeks of winter are ahead. If only he could tell me if that counts for England as well. Because I could use a bit more winter that includes some snow in my future, I’m tired of all this rain!


Last night there was a fog “as thick as pea soup!”, as they say. The visibility in some areas was non-existent. We were lucky we could see the bus coming. We got home and the candle glowing in our window was a welcoming sight!

We stayed bundled up last night. Mr. Michie graded papers and I worked on a scarf I am knitting while talking to my sister (via Skype) and listening to Christmas music in between.

The fog cleared in the night but the dampness combined with the cold air has left a glorious frost on everything. All the trees and plants and rooftops and grass was covered in a sparkle of frostiness this morning, all highlighted by a blue gray sky.

Even the cobwebs along the fence posts were crystallized. It was like something out of science book, watching crystals form and grow. The frost shot off of the branches in sharp little points, like iced needles.

The world was magical this morning and I am blessed that I got to see it.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

It is cold outside. The windowpanes were frosted this morning when we woke up, but the sunrise was gloriously greeting us as we headed to school. The sky was filled with pinks, peaches and hues of lemony yellows. It quickly turned into a violet gray and began to get darker and darker.

We arrived at school and I went upstairs to the Art department to get ready for our second day of exams, I had to run an errand at the front of the school and as I went downstairs and headed for the door the sky had gone from a violet gray to a charcoal white and snow was billowing down in great puffy pom-pom shaped balls.

I felt like Lucy from “Charlie Brown”, I wanted to dip my head back, lift my face to the sky and stick my tongue out and catch them. It lasted for only an hour or so and unfortunately didn’t stick, but it made my morning.

I have been listening to Christmas music all day today in the cupboard and I thought I would share an album I really like with you, enjoy!

Happy St. Nicholas Day

Happy St. Nicholas Day! I have said it before and I will say it again, this was one of my favorite days growing up. We would be in our classrooms, trying so hard to concentrate on what Sister Marion was saying, one of our elfin size shoes would be waiting in the hallway and we would be intently listening out for the sound of bells.

When you heard that tinkle, tinkle, getting louder and louder as it came closer to your classroom door, it was all you could do to contain yourself. A shadow would cross the doorway, the tinkle of the bells would fade into the distance and you knew he had been. He, being St. Nicholas! We were allowed outside and tucked in our shoes was usually a miniature candy cane, a fat little orange and a plastic snow globe of the nativity scene.

It was always such a magical day. I hope that St. Nicholas brings you a bit of magic today as well.

The First of December

“Hello December! We’ve been waiting for you!”

It is winter here, there is a frost on the ground again, the moon was a glowing orb last night from its heavenly perch.

The smell of pine is in the air, your breath escapes you in crispy wispy spirally tendrils and the twinkle lights are out, what could be better?

Winter Birds

I have finally taken down all my twinkle lights and did a little “Spring Cleaning” in the house last week, but, it is still Winter time to me. There are still frosty mornings yet to come, chilly nights and starry skies yet to be had and I thought it only appropriate that my little winter birds continue to stay out and grace us with their presence.

They make me smile every time I look at them and they are particularly cozy to look at, while listening to Classic FM on my old radio, watching the candle flicker and drinking tea. Happiness is a little pair of winter birds…

It’s Possible!

“It’s possible for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage!”

If you know the lines to that song, than you know one of the sweetest Rodgers & Hammerstein shows that ever was. We are on our Winter break this week and while I was busy in the house cleaning, I flipped on the TV and saw that “Cinderella” was on and I just had to sit down and watch it.

I can still remember the first time I saw this on TV when I was little sitting in front of the set with my footed pj’s on, I was mesmerized. Just as my parent’s were when they would tell me about the first time they saw it and what a really big deal it was, for something like that to come on TV. It still holds as much magic for me now as it did then. There is such an air of nostalgia around it; the colors of the costumes and the set design, it is beautiful.

I adore when they put something so sweet and wholesome on television during the school breaks, something you could sit down and watch with your children while you work on an art project, something that will make them think and not just “talk” to them, that uses intelligent language and no slang. In my own little corner in my own little room, this was the perfect thing on TV to take a break to today. Well, back to work…