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Put on your lipstick, the weekend is HERE!

Las Vegas 1969…Tropicana dancers dress for a show celebrating the centennial of the original Folies Bergere, which opened in Paris in 1869. The Las Vegas Folies began in 1961.

“Put on your lipstick Doris! The weekend is HERE!!”

The weather is changing, slowly but surely. We “spring” forward this weekend and I don’t know if I’m quite ready to lose an hour, but it is what it is. This weekend we have coffee to drink, music to listen to and our morning run to complete. I’m hoping the rain holds off, because the woods are turning into a marsh at present.

We also need to help the Easter Bunny out and do a bit of Easter candy shopping, as well as finish off planning a menu, run a few London errands and I’m getting a haircut.

Here’s to the weekend, long may it last!

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The Winter Olympics 2018

I am excited about two things today. First, it is FRIDAY!! I’ve been waiting for Friday to come around, since I went to bed on Sunday night. Secondly, today is the beginning of the Winter Olympics and I can’t wait to watch the opening ceremony tonight with Mr. Michie. I think it will most definitely involve a bowl of popcorn and a couple of hot chocolates.

I LOVE the Winter Olympics. If watching it doesn’t make you want to throw on your ice skates or shoot down a hill in skis, then nothing will. I have a couple of people I’m rooting for, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them. I truly just want everyone to do well and no one to suffer any serious injuries or setbacks.

Bring in the torch, because I’m ready to watch them light the fire and get this wonderful show on the road!

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A Monday Kind of a Monday

Yesterday, seemed to be a really Monday kind of a Monday. In reaching out to people I love yesterday in their little far flung corners of the world, everyone seemed to be having, “one of those days!” Some were having worse days than others.

Mine, might have tumbled over a bit into today as I woke up thinking that today was Wednesday. Wishful thinking, I guess.

But, it snowed for a little bit this morning. I got to watch the ducks swim around the non-frozen part of the pond while on my run. There are fresh out of the oven buttermilk rolls cooling on the counter and roasted red pepper and tomato soup bubbling away on the stove for dinner tonight. All in all today’s been a pretty good day!

So, just a reminder to us all, in case you had the Monday that I did yesterday; in our own way, in our own time; we are KILLING IT, each and every day!

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Two Foxes

I ran through one of my favourite neighbourhoods this morning and right past one of my favourite houses that has a giant dog statue who sits on their porch. He is dressed up for every season and holiday. Today he had on his Scottish tartan tam and scarf, to ward off the chill that was in the air.

I stopped running just before I hit the footbridge over the train tracks. Sometimes I enjoy sprinting across it, it’s like you are flying through the air as you run across the bridge and disappear amongst the tree tops.

This morning I had an inkling not to run. When I have that feeling, I know I’m in for a treat. Sometimes it’s a robin who talks to me from the apple tree or a muntjac who is munching on grass along the banks.

This morning, it was something truly special. I came out from under the trees, just in time to see two foxes strolling up the hillside by the tracks. They walked slowly and then one stopped to let the other one move to the front and then they disappeared into a thicket and down into their burrow.

It made me so happy. My heart was singing. I’ve been worried about my foxes, I haven’t seen them in a little while. So, I’m pleased to know that there is a cozy den, nestled in the banks by the train tracks where two foxes live and this spring when the wildflowers come out, if I’m really lucky, I’ll see cubs rolling around in the grass.

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Writing on the Wall #153

** As we enter this New Year, I’m sure many of us have goals and lists of things we want to accomplish, take this above message with you. I feel it is important to celebrate the little things, not just the big accomplishments. Because the big things are only achieved by all the little things adding up along the way! Be proud of all your victories, be they big or small!

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