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Our Weekend

We had a very busy two days this past weekend. We worked on redoing some of our flower pots in our little street garden. We lost our 4 year old rosemary in the last frost and so we replaced it with a brand new very happy looking little pot of rosemary that sits near our door. I love to run my hands through its delicate branches and smell the sweet smell of rosemary on my fingertips.

On Saturday we went out to run errands. I did a bit of shopping and picked up some things for school and home, while Mr. Michie went to the Library to work on a paper. I picked him up when I was done and the smell of the library just took me back.

This is a very beautiful library. It is fairly new, but they have paid attention to detail and used their spaces wisely. They have two gorgeously lit stained glass windows in the entrance way and display cabinets here and there with small exhibitions inside or pieces of local history and lore.

I have to say, I truly love libraries! What is it about a library? Card catalogues and the dewey decimal system and books bound in plastic wrappers that crinkle when you open their spines, the smell of age rippling out from the pages as you flip through, it all just makes me happy.

So, as Mr. Michie finished up, I stole his phone and did a little photographing of my own. I found a vintage wallpaper book and fell in love with the Kate Greenaway wallpaper page. I have an original piece of hers that Mr. Michie gave me as a Birthday present the year before we were married.

It hangs in our room and is one of the things that greets me “Hello!” in the morning. It is from an alphabet book of hers’, with a pink “J” edged in gold and a little girl who stands on the “J” and holds a windmill in her hand. It is beautiful and delicate and makes me very happy, every time I see it!

After he was packed up and ready to go, we gathered our things and headed to the movies for a date. He took me to see, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. It was delightful. A lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon, watching a sweet movie, eating popcorn and holding hands.

We grabbed some dinner after the movie and headed home and just as we were about to walk in the door, Mr. Michie spied this:

Our first olive! It might not look like much, but we have had that olive tree almost as long as we have been married and I am happy to see the fruits of our labors before us, it was a nice gift from Mother Nature on the eve of Earth Day.

The Outlander

It was night, and dogs came through the trees, unleashed and howling. They burst from the cover of the woods and their shadows swam across a moonlit field. For a moment, it was as if her scent had torn like a cobweb and blown on the wind, shreds of it here and there, useless. The dogs faltered and broke apart, yearning. Walking now, stiff-legged, they ploughed the grass with their heavy snouts.

…The girl stood in her ditch under a hard, small moon. Pale foam rose from where her shoes sank into mud. No more voices inside her head, no noise but these dogs. She saw her own course along the ground as a trail of bright light, now doused in the ditchwater. She clambered up the bank and onto a road, her stiff funeral skirt made of bedspread and curtain, her hair wild and falling in dark ropes about her face. The widow gathered up her shawl and fled witchlike down the empty road.

The Outlander, A Novel by Gil Adamson

My Mom, Nana, Aunts and I pass books around to each other, even though I live a million miles away. This was read by my Mom, my Nana and then one of my Aunts who put it in a lovely care package for me.

It has been on my reading pile for awhile, I went through other books first, but I read it over the Summer and I was hooked. It is a delicious book! The way in which the first page was written had me falling so deep dow the rabbit hole, I never wanted to put the book down.

(the above excerpt is copyrighted to Gil Adamson)


I found this website a little while ago. It is called Coverspy and is comprised by a “team of publishing nerds who hit the subways, streets, parks & bars to find out what New Yorkers are reading now.”

I loved it! Here are just a few sample picks:

Sunday October 2nd

Girl in Translation, Jean Kwok (F, 50s, gray hair in bun, leather jacket, grey sweatpants, F train)

Wednesday September 14th


Hell’s Angels, Hunter S. Thompson (F, 20s, long blond hair, oxford shoes, sitting outside a bike shop, Fort Greene)

Tuesday September 6th


Emma, Jane Austen (F, 30s, jeans, wire framed glasses, curly hair in ponytail, Tretorn rain boots, G train)


Thursday September 1st

The Alienist, Caleb Carr (F, 30s, peach shirt, black pants, brown purse, G train)

P.S. The last book I posted, The Alienist, is one of my all-time favorite books! If you have not read it, you need to run out and find a copy. Beg, borrow, or steal to get it, because it is an absolutely fascinating look into criminology and a thoroughly enjoyable read!