It was night, and dogs came through the trees, unleashed and howling. They burst from the cover of the woods and their shadows swam across a moonlit field. For a moment, it was as if her scent had torn like a cobweb and blown on the wind, shreds of it here and there, useless. The dogs faltered and broke apart, yearning. Walking now, stiff-legged, they ploughed the grass with their heavy snouts.

…The girl stood in her ditch under a hard, small moon. Pale foam rose from where her shoes sank into mud. No more voices inside her head, no noise but these dogs. She saw her own course along the ground as a trail of bright light, now doused in the ditchwater. She clambered up the bank and onto a road, her stiff funeral skirt made of bedspread and curtain, her hair wild and falling in dark ropes about her face. The widow gathered up her shawl and fled witchlike down the empty road.

The Outlander, A Novel by Gil Adamson

My Mom, Nana, Aunts and I pass books around to each other, even though I live a million miles away. This was read by my Mom, my Nana and then one of my Aunts who put it in a lovely care package for me.

It has been on my reading pile for awhile, I went through other books first, but I read it over the Summer and I was hooked. It is a delicious book! The way in which the first page was written had me falling so deep dow the rabbit hole, I never wanted to put the book down.

(the above excerpt is copyrighted to Gil Adamson)