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The 50th Annual Blueberry Festival {Part 2}

Jennifer Michie Clementine's 1Jennifer Michie Clementine's 2

After exploring the town of South Haven, we had worked up quite an appetite! It looked like everyone was heading toward Clementine’s, so that is the direction we took too!

We were not disappointed! The atmosphere was fun (it was housed inside an old bank), the staff were friendly and the food was GREAT! They even had a special blueberry menu for the Festival.

My Mom and I split a piece of blueberry pie for dessert in honor of the festival. Gigi and Foxy were with us too. Foxy came out of my bag for a piece of pie, the blueberries turned his whiskers a lovely shade of deep blue, he spent the rest of the evening trying to lick it off, while we laughed, he looked quite charming with those blueberry whiskers!

South Haven is an adorable town, I’m putting it on my list of places to visit again! Maybe, I’ll time it just right and there will be another Blueberry Festival! One can always hope!

The 50th Annual Blueberry Festival {Part 1}

Jennifer Michie Blueberry Festival 1

Last weekend, my Parent’s took me to South Haven, Michigan, where the town was holding their 50th Annual Blueberry Festival. It was so much fun!

We walked down the main street, did a little antiquing, wandered into the General Store, went into the official Blueberry Store, where they had made pretty much anything you could imagine out of blueberries and were selling fresh blueberries too, the smell was amazing!

It was here that I spotted an old photocopy of Miss Betty Jones, who won the pie contest in 1970, of course I snapped a few pictures of it, I love old recipes, especially ones that had newspaper writes ups like this one, they are special! I wonder what Miss Betty Jones is doing today? I want to make her pie!

Jennifer Michie Blueberry Pie Recipe 1Jennifer Michie Blueberry Pie Recipe 2

We decided to head down to the riverfront and listened to the Jimmy Buffett cover band and watched the boats come in, it was such a beautiful day! We were truly lucky!

Jennifer Michie Blueberry Festival 2

An Afternoon Treat

Jennifer Michie Afternoon SnackWhat could be better than getting exactly what you want? And how often does that actually happen, when the stars collide and it all turns out perfectly? Not, that often, but it did this particular afternoon with my Mom. We had some errands to run at Target, so I got the Mocha Frappacino’s and she picked up the mini Target cupcakes and the perfect afternoon snack was created! All filled with wonderful, wonderful S-U-G-A-R! After all, we had to keep our shopping energy up!

P.S. I made it home in one piece with a lot of surprises in tow for Mr. Michie. I am going to be spending the next few days, catching up on life here and posting pictures of my trip home, I have cookies and babies and a Blueberry Festival to share with you yet!

Eddie’s Steak Shed

Jennifer Michie Steak ShedMy family loves cool and unusual places. Last night, my parent’s took me to a very unique place. We went to Eddie’s Steak Shed. This place has A LOT of character. The sign is reminiscent of the 1960’s, with great  personality, the place you go to for a good steak and a liquor drink and if it was the 1960s a Mad Men cigarette, I could see Don Draper coming here!

Their road sign is graced with a blue bull, but it reminded me more of Paul Bunyan’s Ox and the size of the steaks reminded me of the “Old 96’er” that John Candy eats in The Great Outdoors. Between all of us last night we might have eaten a mini cow, but it was delicious!

So, if you are ever passing through Granger, Indiana, I would head toward the Shed, because it is an experience not to be missed.

P.S. I am winging my way back across the great pond today, so I might be radio silent for a few days while I get back into my England groove of things. I wish that my time here would just go on forever, because being with my family, makes me more than happy.