Uncertainty. A potent word. A word that brings to mind FEAR. Or does it? Maybe uncertainty creates the possibility to discover a new path that leads to something wild and wonderful.

The Coronavirus is the plague of our day. We are more connected now than ever before and with that comes a river of information. Information is power, the more knowledge you have, the more tools you can arm yourself with to cope. But the abundance of data we are flooded with can also bring anxiety and fear. Facts are coming in almost by the second, not the minute. I will admit that I have at times been overwhelmed by all the information coming my way. 

When that happens, I take a very deep breath. I am blessed. I come from strong stock. I am a farmer’s daughter. My grandparents fought on the frontlines and the home front during WWII and I carry with me valuable lessons I learned from them. We are a “make do” tribe. We are a “figure it out” tribe. We are innovative. We are resilient. We accept the challenges that lay ahead. 

We do not know what tomorrow brings. But that is always the case, whether or not we, as a world, are facing Covid-19 or not. We shall continue on. We will be strong for each other. We will continue to do right by people. Help a neighbour; help a friend; help a loved one if you are able. Even if that’s as simple as a wave from the window, to leaving milk or bread at their door. 

So much is out of our control. I know that there are so many ‘rites of passage’ that will pass so many by. But there is plenty that we can control. As Winston Churchill once said, “ Attitude, is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

And for those of you who live so very far away from those you love so deeply. I understand you. It is a boat we share. It is scary to know that if a loved one is in need you can’t be there to help them; you can’t reach them. But we will continue on. We are blessed to live in a time with the technological capabilities to talk to one another, across borders, across oceans. And we shall continue to walk in faith. 

I am fully aware of what is happening around the world, so please never for a moment, think that I frivolously share things here. But as it has always been; will continue to be for me; and I hope for you: a safe place. This is my spot in the world, I come to share and as much as possible, I would like to continue to do that and not with a heavy heart. We are seeing enough of that in the daily news and in the world around us. And I never want to jump on a band wagon for “hits” or “likes”, I see too many others do that to increase their blog and social media traffic. That is not who I am. I come here only to speak from my heart. 

Thank you to our doctors, nurses, paramedics, healthcare workers, firemen and women, police and teachers! Thank you to all those lending a hand. We are forever in your debt. The toll mentally and physically that this will take on our frontline defence, will for some be more than they can bear. When this hell for you on the front lines is over, we will be here for you, to help you pick-up the pieces. 

Do not forget that we are ladies and gentlemen. Let us continue to hold ourselves to high standards and not be dragged down. We are all in this together. This isn’t happening in one town, one city, one country, this is GLOBAL. 

Let this bring out the best in us. We have already seen extraordinary acts of kindness and people coming together in our own community. Acts of love and creativity. Let, that be the torch we all pick up. There are silver linings; light will always prevail over darkness; and some good will come of this. Let us all act sensibly and responsibly, as some people who may be more susceptible to this virus may not appear vulnerable to the naked eye.

I pray that you all stay safe and stay well.