Easter Eve

The eggs are dyed and ready to be hidden by the Easter Bunny. There are buttermilk rolls rising on the counter. The lemon cake has cooled and been frosted in buttery yellow lemon flavoured frosting. There is a full moon this evening and a whispered promise of snow tomorrow.

I hope the Easter Bunny is bundled up tonight as he makes his rounds. Our basket is ready and waiting to be filled with candy and maybe a surprise or two. 

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2 thoughts on “Easter Eve

  1. diane

    Happy Easter. Thank you for the pretty thoughtful card. Hope you find all the eggs. I will take a bite of that cake. Enjoy yourselves. Diane

    1. jennifermichie Post author

      Happy Easter to you too! I’m munching on my first piece of Easter candy for breakfast and it is delicious! xoxo

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