I’m ready for tomorrow to be over with. I’m sick and tired of reading things about the upcoming Presidential Elections. What a nasty campaign this has turned into. At this point, I’m reading anything else in the newspaper that doesn’t pertain to the elections and someone’s opinion about it.

In scanning over the paper this morning with a cup of tea in hand, I saw that the lovely Kay Starr had passed away. I was so very saddened to read that headline. She was an incredible woman, an amazing singer, with quite the set of pipes and one of my personal favourites!

Do you ever wonder if you’ve been born into the wrong time period? I do at times. There are a lot of periods I would have loved to have lived in and the 50s and 60s is one of them. The hair, the clothing, the furniture! The chance to have seen Kay Starr perform, sitting in a smoke filled cocktail lounge, a cigarette in one hand, a drink in the other, small lamps glowing dimly at the centre of each table, lighting up the white tablecloth below. You know a hush would fall over the crowd as she came onto the stage and then everyone would place their cigarettes in their mouths, so that they could break out into wild applause. I would be holding out for one song; a Starr classic and a song I listen to often, Wheel of Fortune.

This video is something else! I can imagine a lot of mother’s covering their children’s eyes when this came on TV.

Kay Star Obituary