Dinner with Friends

OH! Sweet glorious Friday! You finally came! This has been a busy week and one that has seen us at times, crawling toward the finish line today.

Yesterday, I did a few of those “unseen” jobs around the house. I scrubbed down the inside and outside of all the cupboard doors in the kitchen. They are now sparkling. I think I’ve been bitten by a spring cleaning bug. My next project involves scrubbing down the refrigerator, but I’m saving that one for next week along with re-organizing the pantry. Slowly and methodically, I’m moving through the house. I’m on a de-cluttering mission. We just want everything more simplified.

This weekend we’re out to dinner two nights in a row. A friend’s flatĀ on the river tonight and a neighbour’s house on Saturday. Tomorrow, I’m in charge of bringing dessert and as there are food allergy issues to be concerned about, I’ve had to go back to the drawing board about a million times. But I like a challenge. Let’s just hope it tastes good!

Here’s to the weekend, long may it last!

{Image: PINNED}