Quiet. Quiet is how I feel.

I have lost a loved one this festive season and it has made me simply crave quiet, to crave peace. Although, both are in short supply at the moment.  I’ve not visited here, because I’ve had little to say. I’ve been lighting my candles, listening to music, baking bread, cooking, reading; just being.

It’s made me step back from the edge of the surging river, that is the holiday season. I love Christmas, it makes me sad that it is such a rush. There is too much hustle and bustle. When do we stop to take in the beauty of the season around us? To enjoy family and friends? Everything seems to be moving more and more to a harried finish line, where once crossed, we come out the other side dazed, dishevelled and confused, wondering what happened to Christmas in the first place?

Christmas is about being with the people you love, cherishing the time you have and being present in the moment. And that is exactly what I plan to do – to relish the quiet moments; to enjoy the noise of jovial voices and laughter; to find myself amongst all of it whole again.

The memories you make with those that you love are so very important. For it is memories that you are left with.

3 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Jackie Farrow

    My mum passed away on the 4th Dec in England. I’m in Australia, didn’t get to say goodbye. Will not be going back for the funeral. We said when we left England we would not go back for funerals. I have a family here who keep me going. My brother back in England also has a family and is sorting everything out of our mums. The person who I think is not fairing to well is my sister who is here in Australia. She is not in a good place at the moment with a court case going on with her ex husband. My sister, friend and myself are going to church on Monday, Christmas Service. I don’t normally go but feel I should. Also on the 30th Dec which is the funeral day at 1pm in England which is 9pm here. I will light some candles outside and raise a glass to mum. That’s my way of doing something.

    1. jennifermichie Post author

      Dear Jackie, I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom. You light those candles, raise a glass to the stars and cherish her memory. x

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