Happy Mother’s Day

Julie Andrews and Daughter

The kisser of boo-boos; the maker of pancakes; the whispered words that banish bad dreams; the cool fingers that ease a fever; the hands that hold, soothe and dry tears; the lips that kiss, that speak words of love and encouragement. The ears that hear what is being said and often what is left unsaid. The arms that offer hugs when no one else’s arms will do. The smile that let’s you know that everything will be okay. All these things and so much more only begin to scratch the surface of what it means to be a Mama.

My Mom holds all these qualities and so much more. Through the miracle of invention, I get to speak to her every day, even though we are thousands of miles away. I think so often of those brave pioneers who stepped up onto their wagons and set off down a road that would lead them so far away from their families, that they might never see them again. Occasionally we have the chance to Skype before I leave for work. After that I am set for my day. It doesn’t matter what else happens from that point forward, I have seen her face and all is right with the world. We laugh, we have our “little” secrets, we enjoy each other’s company.

I see the same thing between my gorgeous sister and my sweet pea of a niece. Even though she is still itty bitty, they laugh together, they have their own language, they share looks, they have their own little jokes and things they do to tease one another.

We are blessed to have Mothers, GREAT Mothers. Not everyone can say that. I’m very lucky, I can say that! I have a wonderful Mother and a sister who is a wonderful Mother too. Moms are often under appreciated. It is the hardest, at times least rewarding, non-paid job there is. But, it is an important job. Jacqueline Kennedy said once, that “if you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.” I think that is so true. You are shaping someone’s life in your hands. Being a parent is an important job and we should celebrate Mom’s, not just today, but everyday.

Happy Mother’s Day to two of the most important women in my life. Like all good Moms I have more than two women in my life who have guided me and celebrated my ups and downs, have been my cheerleaders and confidantes and I celebrate them as well. I love you all.