A Wish To Build A Dream On

Jennifer Michie Studio Window

I dream of staying home on sunny mornings. Grabbing coffee with Mr. Michie, giving him a kiss at the bus stop and then waving as his bus pulls away from the curb. Heading to the grocery store when it is still early and quiet. Tending to our little flower boxes before our street has fully woken up. Cleaning, reading, making bread and drinking tea. Planning dinners and creating a cozy atmosphere to welcome him back home to after a long day.

I read in the front of one of Ina Garten’s cookbooks (I can’t seem to remember which one) that when Jeffrey comes home, the house always smells of delicious food, candles are lit, music is playing and he thinks that’s just how it is, but all of it is very deliberate. She is working to create a welcoming atmosphere. That stuck with me. I was very fortunate, I grew up in a loving, welcoming household. My parents (both excellent cooks), entertained frequently. Music played, candles were lit, the atmosphere was always relaxed. I have carried that with me and do it within my home. At night, the party lights are on, we play music, we light candles, we laugh and talk about our day. These things are so very important. When the world outside your door is buzzing and whirring away it is important to have an environment you can return to that welcomes you with open arms.

I have a project I am working on currently. Well, I’ve been working on it for a long time now if I’m honest. It’s almost ready to go out into the world. It’s like I’m roasting a chicken, I keep basting it and basting it and the skin is almost cooked to perfection, sizzling, crispy and browned and the meat is succulent and moist. It’s almost time to pull it out of the oven, but not quite. My project is almost done cooking. I hope good things come of it. I’m ready for a change, I’m not quite sure what, but I’m antsy lately, I feel unsettled. I’m ready to be doing something different. I’m ready for the next thing. The wind is blowing and I think it is carrying my heart along with it. Here’s to dreams, I hope more come to pass than don’t.