The Japanese Garden

Jennifer Michie Japanese Garden 1

Jennifer Michie Japanese Garden 2Jennifer Michie Japanese Garden 3

Yesterday, we took our first official walk, of spring 2015. We headed straight to the Japanese Garden at Regent’s Park. It is our favourite park to walk in, and the Japanese Garden is the perfect place to begin.

We wove our way around the park taking in nature’s changing face and ended up on the “free” zoo tour, which stretched¬†along a high path on one side of ZSL. We watched the kids play with the goats and sheep in the farm area and the camels munching away on hay, while people stared at them over their fence. Finally, we¬†ended our walk by heading over the bridge to glance in at the warthogs, but they had decided not to come out, and so we watched people walk along the canal instead.

If you were in any doubt, spring has sprung. The trees are beginning to blossom and the bulbs and primroses are in full bloom. Happiness is!