A London Saturday

We had some errands to run on Saturday.  So, we got up early and left the house not long before seven.

We stopped off for breakfast:

Jennifer Michie Toast

Strolled by Lina’s to look at the giant candy Easter Eggs in the window:

Jennifer Michie Lina's Easter

And just happened upon this fella:

Jennifer Michie Fox

I love when errands become lazy strolls, walking hand in hand down almost deserted streets. It’s as if all of London belongs to you, or at least a small slice of it.

2 thoughts on “A London Saturday

  1. Joann

    Here’s my little poem for the two of you….

    a lovely fox danced upon your weekend
    His bushy tail and friendly eyes
    upon a wall of bricks and mortar
    set against a background of grey-worn skies

    a cup of coffee so artistic
    warm your soul and melt your heart
    take my hand and we’ll go strolling
    throughout life, never apart

    soak in all there is to learn about
    hear the clouds high up above
    feel the earth as we go walking
    know that I will always love….


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