Vintage Photo 1964

Well, yesterday I never managed to catch my breath, today felt the same. I’m running on my little hamster wheel and I’m trying to make a leap for freedom.

Mr. Michie texted me this morning to ask if I put the shirt he wore last night to his meeting in the washing machine. I replied with a yes, only to learn he left a pen in his pocket and that was the one shirt, I forgot to check this morning in my bleary-eyed state of doing laundry at 6am. Well, the laundry gods were smiling on us, as it didn’t ruin anything and now Mr. Michie has a very clean pen.

The weeks seem to be getting longer at the moment and the weekends are getting shorter. And it’s only Tuesday. How can that be? So much happened yesterday I was sure when I got up this morning that we were farther along in the week.

Oh, well. Onwards and upwards, right? Right!