A Project

Set You Free

I have a project that I have held on to for over 10 years now. It is something extremely close to my heart but it is time to let it go. I’ve previously tested the waters and dipped my toe in a few times and the fish have nibbled at my feet but nothing came of it. It wasn’t meant to be in that moment.

Now, I’m not a procrastinator and I don’t make excuses, but for some reason I have done that with this project. I say that I will do something with it, I talk about it with the few people who know, but that is it. I just sit on it, like a chicken waiting to hatch an egg in her nest. I can’t sit on this egg any longer.

I don’t know if this dream will come to fruition, but it has been weighing heavy on my heart and mind a lot lately and a new year, calls for new beginnings. So, I am going to start working on this project again and hopefully make it all it can be and them I’m going to put it out in the wild blue yonder and hope that it bears the fruit of my dreams. So, keep your fingers crossed for me.

Tonight, I’m going to visit an art exhibition, I’ve been wanting to see and then Mr. Michie is going to meet me in the city for a back to school celebration dinner. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, wherever you may be!

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