A. William Frederick Morning

Quiet moments. I am trying to grab as many as I can at the moment. They seem few and far between. School is busy as it always is, trying to get back fully in to the swing of things and find our rhythm again is tough. We will get there I know. We move around each other in the morning, slowly, quietly, a kiss, a small smile, a gaze over a bowl of yogurt or oatmeal or cereal.

I normally read when I travel, but this morning, I listened to music and soaked in the cool air while I walked to the station. The weather is starting to turn. The morning was crisp and I could see my breath as I exhaled in one continuous stream. A mist had settled over the fields as the train sped by and the sunlight streaming down made the lake sparkle as if it was on fire.

I was tempted to veer off in to Regent’s Park this morning and sit in the Japanese garden with my cup of coffee. But I didn’t. I inhaled the scent of coffee beans and vanilla before tasting my first glorious sip of the morning. I disappeared again down in to the tube station, but since I chose to take an overground train this morning, sunlight dappled my path and danced around the floor as the train made it’s way along the tracks. I listened to my music and swayed with the motion of the train. I was content. I found my quiet this morning, no matter how briefly it lasted, it was mine for a moment and in that moment my world was still.

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