It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week and it has just been crawling by. Work is keeping me busy, getting all the studio spaces ready for next year, placing orders and tying up any loose ends. But, I feel that I should be farther in the week than just Wednesday. I’m ready. I’m ready for my summer to begin. I’m ready for that sweet taste of freedom.

I came across this video while reading the news this morning before I left to catch the train. It made me smile. It makes you just want to DANCE! And as it is Wednesday and we are 1/2 way through the week, I think that calls for dancing. I dare you to try and sit still while watching this. I couldn’t, my feet were tapping, my head was bobbing, there might even have been a “jazz hands” moment or two, but I’ll just keep that one to myself.


We Can Dance – Movie Dance Tribute: Part 3 from Robert Jones on Vimeo.