Samantha French Breakthrough 2012

This has been an exceedingly busy week. I am working on my Copenhagen posts, I have so much to share with you.

But work seems to be getting the better of me at the moment, with long days, an even longer commute due to track works and all the heat is just draining my mental energy. Because all this heat is making people mean and mean people are not fun to be riding around the tube with. I had two guys come close to blows the other night because one of them wouldn’t move enough for the other to get in.

But last night, I found freedom beneath the water. My colleagues are excellent teachers and we have covered a lot of ground in a short space of time. I can put my tank together myself, jump in with all my gear on, and take my mask off underwater, put it back on and clear all the water out of it.

Last night, we had to take our mask off, leave it on the bottom of the pool, swim around the group, come back to our spot and get the mask back on and cleared, it was pretty fun. When we finished Jack gave me a handshake, a fist bump and did a little dance, which made me smile, which made my mask fill back up again, so I just lifted by head to the sky and cleared it out once more.

I even got to do a somersault. Being under the water is like being a mermaid. You are just so free. There is a lot to keep a check on, but gliding through the water, with the power of your legs with a world of bubbles and water around you is cathartic for me. I could be in that water every day!

Now, we are working on planning a trip to finish everything off and get our open water certificate and move up to another level if we wish. I can’t wait!

{Image: Samantha French, Breakthrough}