On A Clear Day

Jennifer Michie On A Clear Day

Well, my Copenhagen posts are coming, I promise. This week has been very busy with back to back exams, canceled trains (because there was no driver!), late school nights, another scuba lesson (which was fantastic, by the way!) and not a lot of time to catch my breath!

For now, I give you my morning view. The sun was shining the birds were singing extra sweetly since they know it’s Friday and the sky was almost cloudless as I traveled past the lake. There was almost an azure blue appearance to the sky. All I could think of was Barbra Streisand twirling around in her 70’s orange coat to “On A Clear Day”.

My morning was made all the sweeter now that one of the coffee shops is doing an iced lemon tea. I picked up one for breakfast, now if I only had one of my Mom’s biscuits to go with it, life would be even better! Iced tea for breakfast, just speaks to my Southern heart.

I shall leave you with Barbra belting out this tune, while I enjoy the sunshine streaming through the windows of the main studio and sips of my iced tea!

Here’s to the weekend! Long may it last.