Canoe on the Water

I listened to a podcast recently that spoke of “living content”. It’s premise: that it is up to us to find contentment within ourselves; it is about having the right attitude, a certain frame of mind. Be content with what you have and content with all the rest. It spoke about being present and content in the season that you are in right now.

I listened to these words very carefully for I try very hard to live contentedly, but there is always something, there are always little things in life that are not perfect and I work hard to accept that. No matter what my situation or day I’ve had, I always have at least one thing to be grateful for when I lay my head on my pillow at night. First and foremost my family. I am blessed with a family who love each other, respect each other’s differences and truly get along. That is not always the case in some families.

What’s more, I’ve been blessed with a wonderful father. A man who has always managed to be content as he has traversed through many seasons. He has been on the mountain, but he has grown in the valleys. A man who has handled whatever has been given to him with grace and good faith.

I feel privileged to call him my Dad. He has taught me so much and even now as an adult watching how he responds to life continues to guide me on my own path.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I love you!

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