Photobooth 1960s

Well Friday has finally arrived and with it, I hope there is a chance to catch my breath. I’m just ready to slowly exhale. There was a graduation ceremony at school on Wednesday, so my scuba class was canceled, I missed it. I missed being in the water. The previous week we got to dive in with all of our equipment on and enter the pool by doing a somersault, I don’t think I ever want to enter the pool another way again!

I’m working on editing my Copenhagen pictures at the moment, there are just so many to share! But I’ve narrowed it down to a few favourites. So, I’m hoping to keep my promise to get those posts out soon and have them done and dusted this weekend.

I think we shall have a quiet weekend, although there are a couple of exhibitions on at the moment I wouldn’t mind popping in to. We shall simply see what the weekend holds for us.

Last weekend we welcomed the arrival of Summer with a fresh peach cobbler, but I’ve been craving a brownie, so we might whip up a batch of those this weekend and devour them with a big scoop of ice cream.

Next week brings with it the 4th of July and so I want to work on a menu plan for that, I’m more interested in what dessert I shall make, maybe a shortcake cake filled with vanilla whipped cream, blueberries and strawberries is just what the occasion calls for? We shall see.

School is slowly winding down, although I think the fast heady pace will stay until the last day. I shall soon have more time to myself to get back to my home here and share all the things that I want to share with you.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, wherever you may be. Here’s to the weekend! Long may it last!

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