Jennifer Michie Morning Journey

The air was cool this morning and the sun was bright. There is still a breeze blowing but it is starting to heat up now. It reminded me of spring time in the Blue Ridge mountains. The air would be cool in the morning and would stay that way under the shade of a tree throughout the day, even in the relentless heat. I grew up at the base of those mountains and they still call to me. Once the Blue Ridge is in your blood it stays there, its the same for the coast. I was lucky I had the best of both worlds, the mountains and the sea.

The sun was beaming down and there was a mist over the lake that I pass on my way into work, so I snapped a picture from my train window. It was a beautiful journey in to central London today. It just makes me sad that it is Monday, today is too beautiful to be trapped indoors at school!