Last night I had my first diving lesson, scuba diving that is. It was more of a trial session, to make sure that anyone who signed up actually wanted to continue with the course once they got a taste for it.

I have wanted to dive since I was in High School, I was saving all my babysitting money to do a course but the timing was off and it just didn’t work out. It’s all about the timing. I haven’t had the opportunity since, but there are two divers at my school who are instructors as well and have kindly offered to teach anyone who’s interested at cost. I couldn’t get any luckier than that!

So, last night I went to the pool, threw on my bathing suit and began my first lesson. We went through a couple of basics as this was just a taster session. I learned underwater hand signals, where everything was on my tank and how to get my gear on.

We jumped in in the shallow end and pulled on our tanks. We put on our flippers and our goggles and had a chance to sit down then lay down on the bottom of the pool and finally do two test swims around the shallow end with our diving buddy at our side. Trying to give yourself enough room to turn a corner with your giant flippers on was like the underwater equivalent of driving a bus around a tight corner.

Diving was like driving a car for the first time, exhilarating, the feeling of freedom just in front of you but a lot to think about too. Were you watching your gauges, keeping the right buoyancy, making sure your partner was okay, following the instructor’s hand signals as well as remembering to breath, sounds like a silly thing to say, I know! The only set back for me was that we eventually had to get out of the pool. I wanted to go, go, go! I felt so free. It was magical!

I’m hoping that I can eventually log enough hours that maybe I can get in on an underwater dig, nothing fancy, I just loved all my Archaeology classes when I was in College and considered being an Archaeologist for awhile, but there was just something about Art History that pulled at my heart strings. They are disciplines however, that I believe go hand in hand. Knowing one only heightens your knowledge of the other. I’m ready for an adventure.

I can’t wait for my next class! I’ve got my eye on a pair of goggles that won’t pull my hair, an inexpensive underwater camera and a pretty good idea of where I want to do my first real qualified dive. But, down to the basics first, I’m getting ahead of myself!

{I’m sorry I can’t show you a funny diving picture, I was having so much fun, I forgot to snap a pic of me and my Donald Duck feet!}