We had a wonderful weekend. I have so much to share with you, but for now, I’m sharing something that madeĀ us laugh, as after my day today, I need to laugh. This was such a long day at school, it all went wrong when my train was cancelled and the heavens opened up and I was soaked before I made it on to the next train. Couple that with rude people who were pushing to get on, which I refuse to do and a really lovely gentleman (NOT!) who moved me out of his way, so he could rush to a seat! Where have manners and common decency gone?

From that point on, the tone of my day was set, no matter what I seemed to do to shake it, things kept going wrong. It was like the old Shirelles’ song, “Mama Said”. (Mama said there will be days like this, there will be days like this my Mama said!). This has been one heck of day, so you have two choices, you either laugh or you cry and I’m choosing laughter.

This made Mr. Michie and I laugh the other night when we were watching Jimmy Fallon! Hope your having a better Monday than me, wherever you may be today!