We had to run a few errands today as there was some things I didn’t quite get to with my crazy working week. Once we were done we realized we had quite a bit of time to kill before the next train home. The nearest place to the station was a little McDonald’s, so we ran in there to get a drink and sit down in the warmth. In England at the moment McDonald’s is running their Monopoly Game campaign, so all the food and drinks have stickers on them with board game pieces or instant win food prizes.

We sat down and were chit-chatting away, when an older couple came and sat down near us. The wife was arranging their food on the table when a somewhat scruffy looking gentleman walked up to them and asked her if she was collecting her tokens. She, replied with a swift “yes” and he smiled at her, nodded and then left the restaurant.

The couple started talking to each other and the husband realized that the gentlemen who spoke to them is a homeless man he has seen around town. The wife told him to go and get him. So, he got up and ran into the square to find him. A few minutes later he returned, pleasantly talking to the homeless gentleman and the wife handed him the game token off of her coffee cup which would give the man a free drink.

They made sure he had enough to eat, wished him well and then went back to their dinner, not saying another word about it. The homeless man went to the counter to get his drink and stopped to thank them on his way out, they smiled in return. They didn’t do it for any recognition. They made no fuss over it. They did it, because that is what we should all be doing. We should all aim to help those in need in whatever way we can. Maybe it can’t be a monetary value, but a smile and a kind word are FREE!

I was blessed to have witnessed this moment. For the giving of ourselves is a way forward toward inner peace and true happiness. Commit random acts of kindness, the world will be a better place for it!

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