Anne Taintor PTA

Today, was one of those days. You know the kind of day I’m talking about! One of those days where you would be better served going back to bed and waiting till tomorrow to crawl back out.


  • I sliced my finger pretty deeply this morning while taking out the recycling and it bled a lot!
  • I pulled a muscle in my shoulder blade yesterday, doing of all things, cleaning the house, and I am pretty sore.
  • Our kitchen was invaded by ants last night. So this morning we waged a war against them, while trying to throw dinner together in the crock pot, iron clothes and run around getting ready for work, all of this happened before 6am.


  • For a few fleeting moments, I watched a flock of geese munch alongside a soft headed cow on grass that was sugared with frost
  • The sunrise was a glorious peachy pink color that filled the sky like a delicate blossom about to bud open and I watched the golden orb that the sun is slowly rise above London as my train traveled.
  • Mr. Michie was waiting for me when I got home, with the sweetest smile. He had finished cleaning the house for me! Oh, how I love that red-headed man of mine!

Well, tomorrow is another day as Anne Shirley says, with no mistakes in it yet!

{image: Anne Taintor}