There was a bit of light this morning when I left for work. I could see the cows lazing in the pasture on the dew laden grass as the train scooted by. The air was chilly, you could see their breath hanging above their soft heads. The fields were covered in mist, that ribboned around the trees, giving the pasture a haunted appearance. All the signs of Spring coming to England.

After rain for much of the day, the skies cleared on my journey home and soft peach and pink and lemon yellow clouds filled the sky.

As the train whirred by I snapped these photos, all in a blur and haze, which is how I mostly see the world on my train travels.

This was my Good Morning.

Jennifer Michie Good Morning 1Jennifer Michie Good Morning 2This was my Good Night.

Jennifer Michie Good Night 1 Jennifer Michie Good Night 2