Oh My Days!

Oh My Days

Well my travel into work this morning didn’t go all that smoothly. My train was 15 minutes late. It was waiting to get the signal to come through, I could see it idling on the sidetrack next to the station. So, I took the first train that came by, stopped and opened its doors, it was already very busy.

I went 2 minutes down the track and the train stopped at the next station and even more people poured on. We had reached full capacity and then some at this point. I was squashed by an armpit and a bike and a very rude girl who kept hitting me in the face with her book every time she turned a page and then she would just stare at me, scrunch her little eyes and nose at me and huff. I wanted to tell her that her face just might get stuck like that, but my Southern manners prevented me from doing so. Well, the doors never shut! We were stuck! We proceeded to stay at a stand still for almost an hour while engineers attempted to fix a signal failure. A normal hour all round trip to work took me 2 1/2.

Oh my days! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

{Oh My Days! print found at the Print Club London}