I came home tonight and as I headedĀ upstairs I could hear someone playing their car stereo really really loudly outside.

I took a peak as I closed the curtains and saw it was a construction worker sitting in his van waiting on his mate. He was in his early 30’s, bald with some facial hair, and glasses. In fact, he looked a little like Walt from Breaking Bad.

His eyes were closed, his head was swaying, he was biting his lower lip, his right hand was raised in a small fist and he was beating the air. What was his listening to you ask? Was it a good 80’s rock ballad? Some heavy metal? Some old Rock’n’Roll? No, he was listening to the 1979 classic, I’m Born Again. He made me think of this guy. I’ll tell you, people never cease to surprise me. Never judge a book by its cover, for music speaks to your soul, not to your age.

Happy Friday!