It was one of those days today. I didn’t feel so great last night because my sinuses have been bothering me and ended up getting sick. Mr. Michie made me a cup of tea and we just sat on the couch in silence, like zombies after our long day, holding hands and listening to music. We finally went to bed not long before midnight, but I got woken up at 3:21am to be exact by a huge downpour that didn’t let up for quite awhile. I didn’t mind, it was nice to just listen to the rain and Mr. Michie breath and watch the patterns that were reflected onto the ceiling.

This morning, I got up even earlier than normal and rushed to get ready so I could get a broccoli and cheese soup started in our crockpot, Mr. Michie helped me with measuring out the ingredients and I left with high hopes. I even ran to the grocery store on my lunch break to get some nice crusty bread to go with dinner. It was a recipe I had found online and it had gotten really rave reviews, well, I wish I could tell that lady where she could stick her crockpot because that soup was nowhere near the picture.

Yes, yes, I know I was deceived by a picture, what a fool. I think she opened up a can of cream of broccoli soup and took a picture of that, because there was nothing creamy about this soup! I was at work late and had to fight with people to get on the tube and the train, something I despise doing, but I had a loaf of crusty bread and I was going home to finish off the soup before Mr. Michie got in and light our candles and turn on some music, so he had a nice atmosphere to come home too.

Well, I opened the door and our house smelled like a boy’s locker room, with really really stinky socks. That soup was so watery, it wouldn’t have even been served to Oliver Twist. I hate days like this, days where you were planning on something and then it just didn’t work out like you had expected. I know that is life, but after a very, very long day I just wanted coming home to be simple. Oh, well! That is one crockpot meal I won’t make again. Our first bad one! So, we ordered Chinese food. C’est la vie!

Here’s to tomorrow, for it is Wednesday and we are almost at the weekend!