Me and Bobby McGee

“You are what you settle for.”

Janis Joplin

As I traveled home tonight, watching the sun slowly descend and the evening mist begin to roll in, my Ipod on shuffle, this song came on:

It is my favorite Janis Joplin song, it had been such a long day it took everything in me not to jump up and start singing it! When I was in college, my business professor, did the usual “break the ice” routine. We all had to say our name, where we came from and something unusual about us.

There was a sweet, petite girl, with a short pixie cut of brownish hair, dressed very conservatively, who sat by me. When her turn came round, she told us that at the weekends she worked in a big club at the beach that impersonated music legends and she was Janis Joplin. The whole class just stared at her, I couldn’t imagine her doing that, from the looks and gaping mouths, I don’t think anyone else could either.

Well, my professor made her promise that on our last day of class she would come in, dressed as Janis and sing. And, boy, did she ever! I’m telling you, it was like Janis Joplin was reincarnated on my business professor’s desk! She was on fire, the class went WILD! I’ll never forget it!