4 thoughts on “Writing on the Wall #77

  1. Mary Anne

    I just stumbled across your lovely blog whilst I was trolling about looking for information on the Michie family. I’m a Michie too! I’m the last of the line from my particular family line and have an interest in delving further into the family tree. Nice to know there’s another Michie out there!

    1. jennifermichie Post author

      It is nice to know there are other Michie’s out there! Good luck into delving further, it is just fascinating learning all that history and seeing where life took the family that came before you!

  2. Joann

    Oh so true………….I used to have a poster for my students: You don’t have to blow out another person’s candle to make yours seem brighter.

    On the contrary…………spread your light!!! You only shine brighter! Plus, it feels so so much better!!

    1. jennifermichie Post author

      Ooohhh! I would have loved that poster! That is what we should all be doing; spreading the light we have been given, what good is it, if it is not shared? Hope you are well, I have soooo much to share with you, will write soon, I PROMISE!! xx

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