Road Trip

Jennifer Michie Road Trip 1Well, I’m on a mini road trip down to Virginia to see my sister, her husband, their adorable dogs and of course my GORGEOUS neice!

We headed out from Indiana and made our way through Ohio Amish Country. We drove through Norwalk, snapped a pick of a cute Post Office in Savannah and visited the world’s largest cuckoo clock in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

My Mom and I are having a blast on this mother-daughter road trip. I can’t think of anything better!

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2 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Joann

    Oh my goodness………..I was born and raised in Ohio AND…………CRACKER BARREL is one of my most favorite places on the continent!!!! Because I am now GF, I cannot enjoy their incredible biscuits anymore with honey and/or jam, but we go there several times a month and it’s awesome, just plain and simple!!! Nice to see Goose Girl made it, too!!!!

    What a fun trip……………..just came back Sunday night from a mini mother-daughter trip with my middle daughter to California……….we had so much fun, got a little too much sun, ate yummy foods, had an ice cream cone melt down my hand on the beach and pretty much shopped til we couldn’t walk anymore!

    I’m so happy you’re having fun, enjoying family, and getting to see your beautiful niece, too!!!!!! xoxo

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