We feasted this morning on fresh homemade cinnamon rolls with lashings of cream cheese frosting, flecked with vanilla beans and sunbeam shards of orange zest. While the steam from our coffee cups oozed into our nostrils, tantalising our taste buds with the first perfect sip to come.

The weather is beginning to turn summery here as we sit on the last day of June. I long for my toes to dangle over the edge of a pool or feel the rush of the waves hit my ankles as I stand at the shoreline watching the horizon for the shrimp boats I know so well coming back into port. There will already be people waiting at Shem Creek to collect from the boats.

These are the days that I truly miss home. The slow steady heartbeat of the South, the pace of Charleston life, the long lazy Sunday afternoons that dwindle into twinkling candle filled nights. The sweat that has already soaked your collar long before you open the door to the humidity of Summer.

Today, felt like a Charlie Parker kinda day and that is who crooned us through breakfast and coffee. This week, the beginning of July, places me at a crossroads and shall bring about some new changes one way or another. Mr. Michie ever my sounding board stands by me as I take this venture. Here’s to good things coming and here’s to Sundays, may the hold all the promise of the weekend that has been and the hope for the week that is coming.