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Well…. We MADE IT! What a week this has been! Today heralds in the beginning of my birthday celebrations. Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY, Sunday is not only Father’s Day, but also another birthday for someone very special.

I’m keeping it low key this year. I am going to make a white wedding cake with wedding cake icing and I want to attempt to decorate it with roses, like I have seen on I am Baker:

I am Baker Neapolitan Rose Cake

I don’t have a flower nail or a slanted icing tip in my cake decorating toolbox here to make traditional roses with, so this will be an easy way around that. We are going to the movies to see Man of Steel and maybe if the weather holds we will do a little grilling out and Mr. Michie can make me his wonderful baked sweet potatoes to go along with our steak and cucumber salad.

I don’t really want anything for my birthday, as I have what I need, but birthdays are for wishes and there is something that I have wished for for awhile now. I want a pair of cowboy boots. I used to have the most beautiful pair of lace up boots when I was riding more regularly, but they have long since worn out and gone away to boot heaven.

Vintage Cowgirl by amhpics Flickr

I have been looking for the right pair of boots of ages! I know what I want and whose brand I want, I am not much of a label girl, but I like and always have liked Ariat’s riding boots. So, I have finally found the pair I have been looking for.I just have to order them… They are gorgeous!

So, here’s to the weekend and sleeping in and birthday cake and birthday wishes and sunshine and rainbows. Here’s to happiness!

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