I had a truly wonderful birthday weekend! I got my wish: I slept in till 8:30 on Saturday, so that was a true treat! Mr. Michie had surprises for me when I came downstairs and he took me out to lunch and to see Man of Steel. We both really enjoyed it.

We came home, Mr. Michie made me dinner. Exactly what I wanted; a steak, a baked sweet potato (the gorgeous Evangeline’s from North Carolina) and sauteed sugar snap peas and asparagus with a hit of chili flakes, like we watched Ina Garten make the night before.

Jennifer Michie Birthday Dinner

We feasted on cake for dessert. I was orginally going to cover it in icing roses but in the end, I decided to go for an old-fashioned looking cake from the 1950s. So it was pale pink icing, roughly frosted and white shells piped around the bottom. It was a white cake that was so light and a heavenly almond and vanilla laced frosting swirled on top to boot.

Jennifer Michie Birthday Cake

Before we headed out the door, there was a sharp rap and a package arrived from a dear friend. It was all so beautifully wrapped. I hated to undo any of it. Everything inside was lovingly picked and made my birthday even more special!

Jennifer Michie Birthday Surprises

Yesterday, we continued with the celebrations and I made oven fried chicken and homemade pimento cheese sandwiches. The chicken had a hint of cayenne pepper and coconut flakes in the breading, so there was a spicy, yet somewhat exotic taste to it. It went really well with the sharp but sweet bite of the pimento cheese, on fresh white bread. The only thing missing was the sweet tea!

Jennifer Michie Fried Chicken