The Ducklings

Jennifer Michie Duckling

We went for a long walk yesterday morning. Our first real walk of the Spring season and we meandered down to one of the ponds.

We sat on a bench and watched the heron, picking his way through the water. The male ducks came to greet us “Good Morning” in a¬†gentlemanly¬†fashion, quacking away at us, hoping we had some bread.

The mama ducks slowly paddled out from behind the reeds, with little brown and yellow fuzzy ducklings in tow. They were adorable to watch, some trying to keep up, others full of adventure were heading in the opposite direction of their mama, until she quacked for them to come back.

One little adventuresome spirit decided to stroll up and see us. He was just too cute! I wanted so badly to brush his tender little feathers. It was pure and simple happiness on a Sunday morning.