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This has been a tough old week on many levels. It is just one of those weeks, where you just can’t quite seem to find your groove.

Last night I took 5 minutes to look over my GoogleReader account and for one reason or another there was a large amount of posts by Roost.

I realized this is most likely because Caitlin, like myself, has had a bit of a blog makeover. But, it was so lovely to look through some of her posts again from this year. She is a prop and food stylist and her photography is always eye candy.

This was a post she wrote alongside a recipe for “Mussels in Meyer Lemon Sauce”. There is also a video, that just made the world stop around me. It was just a little slice of beauty in the everyday. As the week is coming to a close and I am searching for a bit of tranquility this made me smile.

I could just imagine my toes digging into the sand as the waves brush over the tops of my feet and the sand that scurries away as the froth and foam retreat always tickles the delicate part of your soles.The smell of the salt in the air and trade winds blowing your hair in every direction. Well, that is just what I call Heaven! I could be at the beach today, there is something that saltwater just does to your soul. It has rejuvenating powers.

{the images and video used here are copyright to Roost}