A Long and Winding Road

I mentioned on Sunday that I have a new home I have been building and working toward. This week I will begin the process of packing up and moving to that new blogging space: JenniferMichie.com

Through this process, I might be radio silent for a few days, so please don’t worry. I will keep you posted when I can. If all goes to plan you should not have to change your rss feeds if that is how you read me and in a perfect world everything will link up beautifully! Fingers crossed! I know there will be some cleaning up to do, but I’m ready.

I wanted to wait for the right time, or a better time, or who knows what, I am not a procrastinator, but I wanted everything to be “just so”, but, Mr. Michie told me to run, not walk. So, I am running head long into the wind and away we go!

I hope you join me on this new adventure!

2 thoughts on “A Long and Winding Road

  1. the REAL girl

    I will definitely be joining you….
    In the meantime, I’m wondering:
    1. why? because you could just ‘make different’ the space you already have
    2. is this entrepreneurial in any way? (did I spell that correctly?)
    3. where is the NEW place headed?

    I can’t wait to see AND hear the answers!!

  2. Jennifer Michie

    1. I wanted a place that I owned and could fully control, so that in part answers 2. This is my own space, my own domain, more professional.
    2.I want to look more grown-up for a few different directions I want to take myself, i.e. getting published, so yes I would say that there are entrepreneurial aspects to it and 3. it will still be me and I will see what the future holds!

    Jennifer x

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