Well the hits just kept coming this weekend. Between the fish, the late nights at work, the endless bleaching of the cupboard floor and all the other craziness, my washing machine now has something wrong with it.

I’m telling you I could write a country music song about fish and life and things breaking, but I don’t have a dog or a woman who left me and took my truck, so I guess it wouldn’t be as an exciting song as it could be. But, I could think of a few of my favorite country tunes that would just about sum up this week.

I called the store where my washing machine was purchased from, only to have the women on the other end of the phone tell me to do everything I had already done. So now it will be a service call to Bosch and I hope that I can get someone to come out a little later in the afternoon, as I can’t leave work early this week because we have exams going on.

So, I took myself off to the laundromat  What an experience that was! I think it might have even been in a worse state then it was in the last time I was in there, which was almost 9 years ago.

But hey, we’ve got clean clothes! The dryers worked like a dream, everything dried in 30 minutes, I can’t do that record speed with my washer/dryer. I read my book, I watched the rain, I put my back against the dryer to keep myself toasty and I just was. There was no other place to be other then where I was right then and that counts for something.

I snapped these shots with my little wildfire, not as nice as Mr. Michie’s IPhone, but they did the job! I came prepared with my bounce sheets (I always stock up when I go home), my laundry detergent, my book, some water and a ton of change, although I had to get more from two different places as there is no change machine in the laundrette.

I hope this week has better things in store for me.