Lessons From Lucy

I have been meaning to share this post for ages and came across it again the other day. It was written by Liz Danzico about her dog Lucy. I first saw it on SwissMiss. If you have ever loved anything with fur, this post is for you, animals are little blessings in our lives:

Jan 14, 2013

There it was — as persistent as it had always been. A stubborn, short, quiet hair on the arm of my jacket this afternoon. My hand went up to brush it away, and then it stopped. Routine interrupted.

There it was. Although several weeks before, my beloved red dog had peacefully passed away. My closest companion of 12 years had once shed — generously and unadulteratedly — across the things of my life. And while she was gone, here: her trademark doghair still stood.

How lucky I had been for the red hair. How lucky I had been for the loyalty two companion animals provide: commingled, intertwined, co-habitated. Shedding upon one another our lives such that when we went back into the world, we had these small red badges of courage.

In our dozen years together, this animal taught me more about being a person than any person I’ve known. Importantly:

1.Learn at least one impressive trick.
2.Shake when wet.
4.When off the leash, it is best to run to a loved one.
5.Accept treats from strangers energetically yet cautiously.
6.Roll in grass whenever possible.
7.Wonderful things can sometimes be found in the trash.
8.Barking is a last resort.
9.Know when the right time is to let go of what you love.
10.True life partners do exist.

Lucy passed away November 15, 2012. The loss devastated me so deeply and personally that I couldn’t speak of it at all. Now, I think back on what I have been known to say, “When in doubt, trust the one covered in dog hair.” Trust them, and know they’re carrying badges of much more.

How lucky we are if we have known dog hair.

{On Dog Hair is copyright to Liz Danzico}

3 thoughts on “Lessons From Lucy

  1. the REAL girl

    Oh Jennifer……….oh yes, dog hair!!!! Rod and I lost our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog several years ago. We ached. His name was Moose…and hence, my granddaughters call me Grandma Moose!!! He was about 120+ lbs of sincere love and yes, full of hair!! He wasn’t quite 7 when he died; I miss him lots. We haven’t gotten another dog for several reasons. First, because we were too heartbroken, and then (now) because we can’t. The home we rent won’t allow dogs.

    When my youngest daughter lived in town, I walked her dog, a bright and sunny-dispositioned lab named Polaris. Polaris, or P-Bear was named such because she was her ‘North Star…her guiding light’ to graduation from vet school…. and Amanda made it and made it with Polaris at her side. Now P-bear resides in CA, too…….

    Now, I occasionally walk ‘Ender’ from the book Ender’s Game, a favorite of my middle daughter’s fiancee Kris. Ender is a sweet whoo-whooing kind of golden retriever….so now I still have hair on me. It’s just not my dog!

    Lucy and Moose….I hope they are both having a wonderful romp in Heaven!!!

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