Well we were up early yesterday morning, moving the last few items out of the way for the washing machine repairman.

It appears that he has fixed it! He replaced the pump and the drainage hose. I ran a vinegar rinse through the machine last night on hot and then tried a drying cycle and knock on wood it all worked fine.

So Mr. Michie ordered us some Chinese food for dinner and I spent the next 2 hours putting our kitchen back again. The floor was all sticky where he had been working, so I mopped and cleaned and wiped and danced around to music.

I put my first load of laundry in this morning, so fingers crossed all will go well! We are very lucky to have a compact washer/dryer, but I will say, using the giant queen bee tumble dryer at the the laundromat was a real treat. ALL of my laundry was dried in 30 minutes, folded and when I got home put away, no laundry baskets hanging around our bedroom for 1/2 the week or the drying rack having to be up. It was like we suddenly had this gigantic space upstairs and I loved every minute of it. Oh well, its back to business!