Orange you glad its Friday? I am!

I had a glorious plan to make fresh cinnamon rolls this morning with orange cream cheese frosting. Hence this gorgeously packaged orange that Mr. Michie bought me.

What is it about fruit that is beautifully wrapped? Who knows why, but it does something for me. There somehow is this essence of  nostalgia hidden and tucked within the crinkled waxed paper wrapper. You could imagine buying this 60 odd years ago from a market stall, your white gloves daintily picking it up as you marvel at the luxury of buying an exotic item such as an orange.

Sadly, the cinnamon rolls did not get made as I chose to sleep 10 more minutes, so tomorrow morning fresh cinnamon rolls and a pot of coffee will start our Saturday morning off.

And, if the weather forecast is correct there will be heaps of snow coming in on Sunday, so I just might get that one more longed for snow day off from school.

Have a wonderful weekend!