Last night there was a fog “as thick as pea soup!”, as they say. The visibility in some areas was non-existent. We were lucky we could see the bus coming. We got home and the candle glowing in our window was a welcoming sight!

We stayed bundled up last night. Mr. Michie graded papers and I worked on a scarf I am knitting while talking to my sister (via Skype) and listening to Christmas music in between.

The fog cleared in the night but the dampness combined with the cold air has left a glorious frost on everything. All the trees and plants and rooftops and grass was covered in a sparkle of frostiness this morning, all highlighted by a blue gray sky.

Even the cobwebs along the fence posts were crystallized. It was like something out of science book, watching crystals form and grow. The frost shot off of the branches in sharp little points, like iced needles.

The world was magical this morning and I am blessed that I got to see it.