Yesterday was a long day. Today has not started off so well either.. Everyone seems to be in a bad mood, me included! I must have just woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

I went out this week and I knew from the moment I got in their car that it was a bad idea. The person I was with was in a bad mood, very standoffish all through evening, argued with others around us, including me. It was meant to be a night of fun, however, I was so happy when the evening was over with, as it was not enjoyable at all. You want to be around people who uplift you not bring you down. I was looking forward to this night and came home feeling deflated.

This morning the bus driver was grumpy and rude, even after I smiled and said, “Good Morning!”, he had words with another passenger, for no reason and she being annoyed with him carried on the verbal disagreement. For what purpose? Why can’t we all try to get along, to just be friendly. Saying “Good Morning, “, “Good Afternoon”, “THANK YOU”, “PLEASE”, are all cheap, they don’t cost a thing! Having manners counts for something in my book, just being generally polite counts for something and doesn’t it make you feel better to be NICE as opposed to GRINCHY?

I think I need to catch my breath, and just try and be for a little while. The very thought that it is Friday and once I get home this afternoon, I am own my own clock for the next little bit, is making me feel better already.

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