Mr. Michie took me to see Frankenweenie on Saturday afternoon for our weekend date. It was the perfect afternoon for it. The day was overcast, the rain was misting our hair and eyelashes as we walked through town and when we left the cinema the fog had started to settle in for the evening.

I can remember being little and the Disney Channel showing the people version of Frankenweenie, as it got closer to Halloween. They normally showed that right before they aired Mr. Boogedy, which had my sister and I glued to the couch and afraid to move once that was over. I look back at that movie now and just laugh, but at the time, that was big time scary!

We munched on popcorn and drank our soda and waited for our little feature to begin. There were a few smaller kids in there and they were extremely funny to listen to, as they shouted things at the screen with passion when something happened, it was cute.

The movie was bewitchingly crafted and had the hallmarks of a Tim Burton film. We sat entranced and enjoyed every moment. It was a very nice treat, after having such a long week at school, just a quirky film to take our mind off things.

If you had someone of the right age to have a Halloween Birthday Party around this movie, Sprinkles Bakes has created the sweetest little cake with Sparky on it. Even if you didn’t have a special party to make this for, it would be fun to bake it just for yourself! It looks Halloweeny delicious!